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What should you know if you want to donate blood?

A blood donor can be anyone, aged 18 to 65, weighing at least 50 kg. The day before the blood donation the donor should not drink alcohol, eat fatty foods, eat healthy food and drink plenty of fluids. You may donate blood if at least nine weeks have passed since your last donation. Women may donate blood four times a year, while men - six times (after the sixth time, men should have a break of three months). Before donating blood you should rest and have a good night's sleep. Donors should remember that when donating blood you should bring along a document providing proof of identity and your bank account details. International students who have Latvian residency permits with a Latvian Personal Code may donate blood. 

What is the benefit to the donor when they donate blood?

The blood-making system in your body is stimulated and the composition of your blood is renewed. Specialists emphasise that blood donors are less likely to contract acute illnesses and donating blood should not be harmful to a healthy person. Donating blood evokes positive emotions as you could be helping someone in need. When you donate blood you can find out your blood group, Rh factor, pulse frequency, blood pressure and haemoglobin level. A quick Hepatitis C Antibody Test is conducted before every blood donation. The donor can get the results of the analysis in the next five days following the blood donation.




Every blood or blood component donor:

  • gains a sense of satisfaction,
  • gets the results of their blood test (on request),
  • gets a snack pack;
  • after the blood donation gets monetary compensation of 4.27 EUR as compensation for the loss of blood, after plasma donation – 17.07 EUR, after platelet donation – 28.46 EUR. Payment of the compensation is made in the form of a bank transfer into the account provided by the donor;
  • gets a blood donation certificate which upon submission to your employer will entitle you to one paid day of annual leave; 
  • when you donate blood three or more times in one year (within 365 days) you will be entitled to a Donor's privilege card, which gives you the opportunity to get various discounts.

More information about donating blood: or 8000 0003.


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