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To create spare copies of daily works for small amounts of data, employees of the Riga Stradiņs University (RSU) have the possibility to use additional network disk space that can be operated just like a local disk.

A network disk is a virtual data storage within a local network (LAN) located on a RSU server. A network disk allows the user to store data on it to access it from any other RSU computer using their RSU user. A network drive makes it easier to broadcast and store data without using your computer's resources.

In order to keep track of their own data security, RSU employees can store work files in several ways:

  • It is recommended that you store individual work files (versions of document data) on the Home (H:) disc.

  • It is recommended that project files that enable file sharing within several departments are stored on a Section Data Exchange (U:) disc or by logging a project site into an Intranet.

  • Short-term files that don't contain personal data can be stored on a public (P:) drive, however it should be noted that files older than two weeks from February 1, 2019 will be permanently deleted.

When storing data on the H: disc, each night a backup copy of existing data is carried out, so if a technical issue occurs, the data is protected and can be updated.

In addition, RSU employee can easily store the data on the H: disc because an employee has the ability to access documents from any computer within the University when connecting to the RSU internal network. 

The project site on the Intranet gives employees to share files within the department and structural units, edit documents, and see which employee made modifications.
If H:, U: disks need to increase size or add a folder, write an application to itatrsu[pnkts]lv. The same procedure should be followed if employees want to create a project site on the Intranet.

We remind you that you should not store files containing personal data and confidential information on a public disc (P:).

The departments that so far used data exchange on P: drive will be informed about data transfer.

For RSU employees, the network disk is available at any time from RSU internal resources or VPN connection

If you have questions about storing data on H:, U: and P: discs, or if you need to create a project site on Intranet, please contact the IT Service Center by writing to itatrsu[pnkts]lv or calling to  No +37167061515.