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Who we are

A University is a great place for people from varying backgrounds to meet one another. The Asian Society aims to interact with students, and to immerse ourselves as well as other students into all the rich and deep cultures and traditions of this vast continent. There is a lot to learn and experience!

The Asian Society at RSU was founded in 2011, and has since then organised many events and plans to do so for a long time still, so let's enjoy each other's company and make sure to learn about one another on both a personal and cultural level!


Our primary aims

The purpose of this society is to interact with all students and to immerse ourselves in their cultures and traditions. Here we learn to share and care for each other. It is equally important to respect other opinions even though they may not always reflect our own.

  • Provide information and advice in order to help students; 
  • Represent the opinions of Asian students in matters affecting their interests at RSU; 
  • Coordinate social and cultural events; 
  • Collaborate constructively withother societies at RSU.

You will get the opportunity to share your ideas regarding social and academic events and contact the Asian Society Board through the official web page, Facebook page, the Facebook group and through e-mail.

We can grow bigger than our differences and offer everyone a friendly welcome and outstretched hand!

What we do


A cultural event to celebrate the first month of the year by wishing everyone a prosperous time with joyful performances and food.


Celebration of the 'Festival of Light'! A cultural event where we light candles and share the brightness with each other with colourful activities, food and performances.

Joyful Christmas & Christmas Toy Drive Charity Event

A week long collaborative charity event with DSiA and Agape students where we collect wrapped gifts (toys and clothes) for the children at Māras Centre. On the last day of the week, we visit the children with Santa Claus and share the Christmas spirit with them singing Christmas carols and dancing.

New Asian Student Welcome Event

An ice-breaking event where all the senior RSU Asian Students gather to welcome new RSU Asian students. The main purpose of the event is to introduce junior students to the senior students. The event is filled with fun games and activities, delicious food and performances.

FAQ Seminar

A collaborative event with the NGO Drošā māja that is conducted in two parts and free of charge.

First Part - A psychosomatic discussion regarding stress management during studies and a special part for new students helping to adjust to the country and to university studies.

Second Part - A seminar providing legal advice regarding immigration, translating of documents, support with accommodation etc.

Asian New Year

The biggest event of the year. Students from all Asian countries who celebrate the new year in April get together and celebrate the Asian New Year with traditional performances, games, food etc.

Sports Day

A collaborative event with several national societies at RSU such as DSiA, the Portuguese Society, and Yachad where all students get together in a park to play cricket, badminton, and volley ball having a relaxing time away from their studies.

Asian Night

A cultural event which represents all the traditions in Asia! The event is filled with traditional performances, a photo booth where you can get dressed in Asian clothes and take photos, a language stall where you can write your name in different languages, a spice challenge stall to see who can tolerate the spiciest food, henna stalls to make your hands colourful, rangoli stalls to create your own designs, a quiz stall, games and many more attractions. Special Asian food and drinks are served at the event.

    Our events are open to everyone!

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    Get in touch

    Website: RSU Asian Society

    E-mail: rsu[pnkts]asiansocietyathotmail[pnkts]com

    Facebook: RSU Asian Society

    Twitter: RSU Asian Society

    Instagram: rsu.asiansociety

    YouTube: RSU Asian Society

    Executive board and employees

    President: Mohamed Naleef
    Vice-President: Senuri Goonasinghe
    Secretary: Dasitha Narangoda 
    Treasurer: Maleeka Wimalasooriya 
    Events Coordinator: Priyadharshini Ravi
    Assistant to the Events Coordinator: Subhiksha Kanagaraj