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Who we are

The RSU British and Irish Society aims to represent, serve, and help improve the lives of British and Irish students studying at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU). We are a multi-cultural, tolerant and a welcoming association. 

The RSU British and Irish Society is a non-profit, voluntary, student-run organization. It is designed to help promote integration and school spirit among the students of RSU while providing opportunities for students to apply and develop their talents, skills and interests. 

We cooperate closely with the International Students’ Association (ISA), the RSU Student Council, the international office, the Dean's office and other relevant entities, to provide cross cultural events, social activities and advice.
So, now the boring part is over, what type of tomfoolery and shenanigans do we get up to, you ask? Well, previously we have hosted many tight-knit social gatherings. Our pub crawls are stuff of legends. Of course, we engage in sensible behavior and do not exceed any limits. In fact, we encourage our guests to drink non-alcoholic drinks… such as water or apple juice.
Once, we were invited by the local British expats in Rīga for Guy Fawkes Night. We had a smashing evening. Nothing more British than to eat an Indian curry and watch a Chinese fireworks show. 

Our President is an easy going, fun-loving hoot of a character. She even organised a social night in her apartment. It was a great evening where we participated in simple party games such as pass the parcel and a slight variation of the game pong which involved ping pong balls being thrown into plastic mugs containing a beverage.

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