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About Study Course

Department: Faculty of Law
Credit points / ECTS:3 / 4.5
Course supervisor:Juris Zīvarts
Study type:Full time
Course level:Master's
Target audience:Juridical Science
Branch of science:Law


To acquaint students with definitions and terms of administrative law and discuss sources of administrative law, including court judgements, literature. To acquaint students with the institutional structure and operating procedures of public administration. To provide insight into key areas of administrative law. To develop understanding of the place and role of administrative law in a democratic state. To promote the development of a set of theoretical knowledge on issues related to administrative process in general, administrative process in state and municipal institutions, stages of review of administrative process, terms of administrative process, procedure of contesting a decision and appealing a decision.


Introduction to Law and Civil Law, Constitutional Law and Theory of Law, Juridical Methods and Law Theory Issues.

Learning outcomes


Students understand the tasks of civil offence law and the conditions for implementation thereof.
Knowledge of the concept of administrative procedure, system of administrative procedure. Distinguish administrative acts from other legal acts.


Students are able to compile sources for the course independently, conduct independent research, present their work, and analyse other students’ presentations in the field of administrative law.
The ability to analyse, synthesise, and evaluate the place and role of the administrative procedure in the common legal system.


Students are able to identify and draft an administrative act, to apply and justify the principles of administrative law, to draft legal texts in the field of administrative law.
Ability to perform specific tasks related to the administrative procedure, ability to use knowledge and skills for professional and personal development.

Study course planning

Course planning not avalible right now.