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About Study Course

Department: Department of Public Health and Epidemiology
Credit points / ECTS:4 / 6
Course supervisor: Anita Kokarēviča
Study type:Full time
Course level:Master's
Target audience:Nursing Science
Branch of science:Economics; Economic Theories


To develop an understanding about the fundamentals of Economics and its basic problems, to elucidate the essential theories and their application in the management of an organization.


Basic grounding of Economics and Management, Sociology, Ethics and Communications science.

Learning outcomes


Students will be able to:
- understand and interpret the terms – economics, national economics, management, fiscal and monetary policy;
- describe the principles of functioning of free market economy;
- name and describe the fundamental functions of management;
- describe leadership styles.


- to determine the relevant information about processes of national economy;
- to apply an appropriate method to calculate macroeconomic rates;
- to determine the suitable organizational structure;
- to select and apply the fundamental principles of management and methods of motivating;
- present one’s independent work about topics covered in the study course.


- to apply the acquired knowledge about the topics about economics and management on the labour market;
- to analyse the internal and external environment ;
- to elaborate a conceptual model of management;
- to determine and defend a choice of a leadership style;
- to explicate the principles of social responsibility in the contemporary organizational management;
- to estimate the efficiency of a leadership style.

Study course planning

Course planning not avalible right now.