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About Study Course

Credit points / ECTS:2 / 3
Course supervisor:Uģis Ciematnieks
Study type:Full time
Target audience:Medicine; Public Health
Language:English, Latvian
Branch of science:Clinical Medicine


To acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary for the application of health gym workout cardio machines, strength training equipment and free weights for developing skills and abilities in the application of physical fitness improvement, health promotion and injury prevention.


Physiology, biochemistry, anathomy.

Learning outcomes


Students will acquire basic knowledge and will be able to describe the cardio and strength fitness application of health sport aerobic in relation to work capacity, increase of musculoskeletal system strengthening, health improvement, injury and various disease prevention.


As a result of a course acquisition, students will be able to use cardio-trainers and power training devices, as well as free-weight exercises to organize physical activities of different groups of society.


After the study course acquisition students will have developed competences and will be able to:
• Develop recommendations for physical activity and training plan for customers of different age, depending on their state of health, physical fitness levels and set goals by using cardio, strength equipment and free weights in order to promote health and prevent disease;
• Educate and convince customers of the need for physical exercise and it`s importance in today's society.

Study course planning

Planning period:Year 2023, Autumn semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
Medicine, MF5Master’sLimited choiceDaina Lazdeniece-Auniņa
Medicine, SSNMFz6Master’sLimited choiceUģis Ciematnieks
Medicine, SSNMF5Master’sLimited choiceUģis Ciematnieks
Planning period:Year 2024, Spring semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
Elective courses, C-kursi 2Free choice
Medicine, SSNMFz5Master’sLimited choiceUģis Ciematnieks
Medicine, MF6Master’sLimited choiceDaina Lazdeniece-Auniņa
Medicine, SSNMF6Master’sLimited choiceUģis Ciematnieks