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About Study Course

Credit points / ECTS:1 / 1.5
Course supervisor:Dita Role
Study type:Full time
Course level:First level
Target audience:Medicine
Branch of science:Clinical Medicine


Complement and reinforce students' knowledge in order to develop the deliberate use of Coptic languages and speech in language practice.


Acquired knowledge in Latvian within the framework of the secondary school curriculum.

Learning outcomes


After a successful study course program, the student will know: • the most common deviations from the literary rule in language practice; • the most important theoretical literature in which to seek clarification on the different language inaccuracies; • the linguistic and written differences that are current in practice; • linguistic and extralinguistic factors that affect the communication process.


After a successful study course program, the student will be able to: • identify the most typical language inaccuracies; • explain language inaccuracies using theoretical literature; • create oral and written texts in line with literary norms; • assess extralingual factors that are relevant to the speech situation.


After learning the course, the student will be able to create spoken or written texts in line with the current standards of the literary language, and will be able to assess linguistic and extralinguistic factors affecting the relevant speaking situation.

Study course planning

Course planning not avalible right now.