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Ināra Logina

Study Course Description

Course Description Statuss:Approved
Course Description Version:1.00
Study Course Information
Course Code:AURK_034LQF level:Level 6
Credit Points:2.00ECTS:3.00
Branch of Science:Medicine; Health CareTarget Audience:Medicine
Study Course Supervisor
Course Supervisor:Ināra Logina
Study Course Implementer
Structural Unit:Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
The Head of Structural Unit:Indulis Vanags
Contacts:Rīga, Pilsoņu iela 13, VSIA P.Stradiņa KUS, 32. korpuss, arkatrsu[pnkts]lv, LV-1002, +371 67069452
Study Course Planning
Full-Time - 1. Semester No.
Lectures (number)4Lecture Length (academic hours)2Total Contact Hours of Lectures8
Classes (number)8Class Length (academic hours)2Total Contact Hours of Classes16
Total Contact Hours24
Study course description
Preliminary Knowledge:
basic knowledges in biology, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, clinical disciplines
to provide knowledges on main types of pain, mechanisms of pain development and treatment options
Unaided Work:
Students independently adopt recomended reading list of study programme, summarize study information. They participate in discussions on clinical cases and think through therapy and care decisions, solution of problems. Trainees prepare demonstrations of clinical cases, recomendations for therapy and prophylaxis for patients.
Assessment Criteria:
a.Attendance of classes and and activity during classes b.Results of knowledges and practical skill on theoretical test
Final Examination (Full-Time):Test
Final Examination (Part-Time):
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge:After completion of the study course students will be able : •to describe the main mechanisms of pain; •to understand the main types and causes of pain, its biological meaning; •to identify symptoms of pain patients, to estimate the clinical role of pain in the clinical praxis
Skills:After successful adoption of the study course students can : •to examine and evaluate symptoms of pain patient un needs in different stages of diseases; •to identify the main types of pain and causes in in different clinical settings; •to choose the optimal therapeutic options; •to explain the pain mechanisms and therapeutic targets for patients, its relatives and caregrivers
Competencies:On completion of the study course students can be able: •to be involved in planning of patient care patients with pain in different stages of diseases; •to clarify individual therapy needs based on biopsychosocial approach in multidisciplinary team setting; •to estimate the short and long term effects of pain treatment and to solve the prognostic problems; •to realize health promotion, prophylaxis and early problem resolving
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