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Lilija Antoņēviča

Study Course Description

Course Description Statuss:Approved
Course Description Version:3.00
Study Course Accepted:14.01.2020
Study Course Information
Course Code:MDAK_075LQF level:Level 7
Credit Points:2.00ECTS:3.00
Branch of Science:Medicine; AnatomyTarget Audience:Medicine
Study Course Supervisor
Course Supervisor:Lilija Antoņēviča
Study Course Implementer
Structural Unit:Department of Nursing and Midwifery
The Head of Structural Unit:Kristaps Circenis
Contacts:Rīga, Anniņmuižas bulvāris 26a, mdakatrsu[pnkts]lv, +371 67061568
Study Course Planning
Full-Time - 1. Semester No.
Lectures (number)Lecture Length (academic hours)Total Contact Hours of Lectures0
Classes (number)7Class Length (academic hours)6Total Contact Hours of Classes42
Total Contact Hours42
Study course description
Preliminary Knowledge:
Anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, basics of clinical care.
Improve and consolidate theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired in the autumn semester of the 3rd year within the study course “Fundamentals of Clinical Care”.
Topic Layout (Full-Time)
No.TopicType of ImplementationNumberVenue
1Environmental cleanliness and its provision. Basic requirements for hygiene and anti-epidemic in a healthcare organisation. Hand hygiene. Hygienic hand washing. Hygienic hand disinfection. Personal hygiene and appearance of medical staff.Classes1.00clinical base
2Vital Signs: body temperature, pulse, respiration, arterial blood pressure.Classes1.00clinical base
3Manipulations concerning the digestive system: Nasogastric (n/g) intubation and care, parenteral feeding via nasogastric tube and its care, feeding of a patient, insertion of a flatus tube, purpose of use, indications, contraindications. Enema.Classes1.00clinical base
4Urogenital system procedures.Classes1.00clinical base
5Administration of medicines and infusions.Classes2.00clinical base
6Laboratory examinations.Classes1.00clinical base
Unaided Work:
To observe the working hours of the internship and to work in full extent, to fill in the documentation of the internship, mutual suggestions on the qualitative and organisational content of the internship.
Assessment Criteria:
Evaluation of the 3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine is given by the head of the placement. Assessment is based on the amount of knowledge and skills acquired in the internship programme. The student must complete at least 80% of the programme for each cycle in order to obtain a successful placement assessment.
Final Examination (Full-Time):Test
Final Examination (Part-Time):
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge:On completion of the study course the students will be able to define and describe the epidemic regime assurance principles, define and name environmental purity, disinfection and infection control guidelines and show hand treatments, to define and recognise the patient's vital signs; present alimentary security and methods; procedures affecting the digestive tract and urogenital system. Explain the enteric and parenteral drug administration, indications, contraindications and side effects.
Skills:Practical skills in performing clinical procedures including: enteral and parenteral medication, laboratory examination, patient preparation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in intern and surgical profile units. Students will be able to determine vital signs, to make enema, to inject and out NGZ, to perform bladder catheterization in women and men.
Competencies:Ability to examine and assess the patient's vital signs. Student will be able to make and justify various drug delivery techniques. Will be able to carry out procedures that affect the digestive tract (nasogastric tubing, enema and enteral nutrition), urogenital tract (female and male bladder catheterisation).
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