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Ieva Strēle

Study Course Description

Course Description Statuss:Approved
Course Description Version:1.00
Study Course Information
Course Code:SVUEK_033LQF level:Level 7
Credit Points:2.00ECTS:3.00
Branch of Science:Medicine; Public HealthTarget Audience:Public Health
Study Course Supervisor
Course Supervisor:Ieva Strēle
Study Course Implementer
Structural Unit:Department of Public Health and Epidemiology
The Head of Structural Unit:Ģirts Briģis
Contacts:Rīga, Kronvalda bulvāris 9, svekatrsu[pnkts]lv, svekatrsu[pnkts]lv, +371 67338307
Study Course Planning
Full-Time - 1. Semester No.
Lectures (number)6Lecture Length (academic hours)2Total Contact Hours of Lectures12
Classes (number)6Class Length (academic hours)2Total Contact Hours of Classes12
Total Contact Hours24
Study course description
Preliminary Knowledge:
Public health, statistics, basic epidemiology - according to the content of bachelor study programs in Health Care specialties.
To train students for research work, based on health registers data.
Topic Layout (Full-Time)
No.TopicType of ImplementationNumberVenue
1Health registers: definitions, aims. Data protection, legistlation, ethics.Lectures1.00auditorium
2Health registers: definitions, aims. Data protection, legistlation, ethics.Classes1.00auditorium
3Health registers in Latvia.Lectures2.00auditorium
4Health registers in Latvia.Classes2.00auditorium
5Research opportunities, provided by health registers.Lectures1.00auditorium
6Research opportunities, provided by health registers.Classes1.00auditorium
7Limitations and challenges of register-based research.Lectures1.00auditorium
8Limitations and challenges of register-based research.Classes1.00auditorium
9Preparing of a research project, based on registers data.Lectures1.00auditorium
10Preparing of a research project, based on registers data.Classes1.00auditorium
Unaided Work:
During classes – calculation of epidemiologic measures both individually and in groups. At home – an investigation of a preferred health register in order to prepare a presentation (at the beginning of the course); selection and analysis of an article of a register-based study (during the course); preparing a research proposal (by the end of the course).
Assessment Criteria:
Presentation of a health-related register in Latvia, emphasizing legislative regulation, methods of data collection, completeness and quality of data – individual work. Written review of a register-based study publication, focusing on methods (coverage of register, quality of data, influence on study results) and ethical issues – individual work. A proposal of a hypothetical study, using register data, including a conceptual model, study design, description and definitions of variables – individual work, submitted in written form and presented in the last seminar. Participation in discussions during seminars.
Final Examination (Full-Time):Exam (Written)
Final Examination (Part-Time):
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge:On successful completion of the course students will be able to: - list the existing health registers in Latvia and describe legislation which regulates the operation health registers; - discuss on ethical issues related with using register data for research; - recognize advantages and disadvantages of using register data for health research.
Skills:- develop a study design in accordance with type of data provided by particular registers; - prepare an appropriate data request to be submitted to the data owner or responsible institution.
Competencies:- evaluate completeness and quality of register data in relation to their suitability for research; - judge about potential effects or biases what register drawbacks can impose on study results; - critically review publications of register-based research.
1Wallgren A, Wallgren B. Register-Based Statistics. Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes. – John Wiley&Sons, Ltd, 2007. – Pp.247.
2Rothman KJ, Greenland S, Lash TL. Modern Epidemiology. – 3rd ed. – Lippincott Williams&Wilkins, 2008. – Chapter 23: Olsen J. Using Secondary Data – Pp.481-491.
1Nacionālais veselības dienests un citas iestādes, kuru pārziņā atrodas reģistri;;
3pētījumu publikācijas.