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Toms Pulmanis

Study Course Description

Course Description Statuss:Approved
Course Description Version:2.00
Study Course Accepted:12.12.2019
Study Course Information
Course Code:SVUEK_117LQF level:Level 6
Credit Points:2.00ECTS:3.00
Branch of Science:Medicine; Public HealthTarget Audience:Nursing Science
Study Course Supervisor
Course Supervisor:Toms Pulmanis
Study Course Implementer
Structural Unit:Department of Public Health and Epidemiology
The Head of Structural Unit:Ģirts Briģis
Study Course Planning
Full-Time - 1. Semester No.
Lectures (number)4Lecture Length (academic hours)2Total Contact Hours of Lectures8
Classes (number)6Class Length (academic hours)4Total Contact Hours of Classes24
Total Contact Hours32
Study course description
Preliminary Knowledge:
Public Health and Epidemiology, Introduction to Psychology and Sociology, Introduction to Evidence-Based Care.
To introduce students with basic principles of scientific methodology and the use of principles in the research of public health problems; to introduce with the organization, execution and evaluation stages of scientific work; to read, select and structure scientific literature and prepare literature review about specific topic in the area of public health and healthcare; to develop and promote evidence-based, systematic and analytical thinking process for problem-solving in the area of public health and healthcare.
Topic Layout (Full-Time)
No.TopicType of ImplementationNumberVenue
1Research and scientific methodology, research process, research question, the structure of scientific work.Lectures4.00auditorium
2Research methods, instruments, development of concept.Classes2.00auditorium
3Scientific literature, the structure and content of scientific publications, the principles of writing literature review.Classes1.00auditorium
4Resources of RSU library in searching for scientific publications.Classes1.00RSU Library
5Preperation of research project.Classes2.00auditorium
Unaided Work:
Work with literature. The analysis of research publications.
Assessment Criteria:
Independently and appropriately prepared literature review about selected research question and presentation (defense).
Final Examination (Full-Time):Defence (Semester paper)
Final Examination (Part-Time):
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge:Describe the stages of research work; differentiate between scientific publications and popular sources of information; recognize sources of information that are based on the principles of scientific methodology; know the databases for the searching of scientific publications; describe information according to selected research question and technical requirements.
Skills:Will be able to propose and define the aim and the tasks of research project according to research question; to select scientific literature according to research question; to integrate information from different data sources into specific literature review about selected research problem.
Competencies:Will be able to independently formulate research question; to obtain, select and analyze information of public health research according to principles of scientific methodology.
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