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Course title, code and languageStructural unitCourse levelTarget audienceKP/ ECTSStudy type
A History of Medicine MVI_006 (LV)Institute of the History of MedicineBachelorPublic Health2/3Pilna laika
Abdominal Surgery, Proctology, Urology, Gynecology and Patient Care MDAK_002 (LV)Department of Nursing and MidwiferyBachelorNursing Science2/3Pilna laika
Accounting for Managers of Enterprises SBUEK_087 (LV)Department of International Business and EconomicsMaster'sBusiness Management; Management Science2/3Pilna laika
Adaptation of Bodily Functions CFUBK_010 (EN/LV)Department of Human Physiology and BiochemistryBachelorBiology; Medicine; Life Science2/3Pilna laika
Administrative Law JF_040 (LV)Faculty of LawBachelorJuridical Science2/3Nepilna laika Pilna laika
Administrative Law DN_101 (LV)Department of Doctoral StudiesDoctorJuridical Science20/30Pilna laika
Administrative Law JF_281 (LV)Faculty of LawBachelorPerson and Property Defence2/3Nepilna laika Pilna laika
Administrative Law and Administrative Process JF_389 (LV)Faculty of LawMaster'sJuridical Science3/4.5Pilna laika
Administrative Process JF_405 (LV)Faculty of LawBachelorJuridical Science4/6Nepilna laika Pilna laika
Advanced Physical Examination ISK_222 (LV)Department of Internal DiseasesMaster'sMedicine2/3Pilna laika

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