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Course title, code and languageStructural unitCourse levelTarget audienceKP/ ECTSStudy type
Anatomy MK_001 (EN/LV)Department of MorphologyBachelorNursing Science4/6Pilna laika
Anatomy MK_061 (LV)Department of MorphologyBachelorRehabilitation6/9Nepilna laika Pilna laika
Anatomy MK_060 (LV)Department of MorphologyBachelorMedical Technologies2/3Pilna laika
Anatomy and Histology MK_002 (LV)Department of MorphologyBachelorRehabilitation5/7.5Pilna laika
Animation, Video and Other Audiovisual Media Types KSK_001 (LV)Department of Communication StudiesBachelorCommunication Science2/3Nepilna laika Pilna laika
Anthropolgy of Madness HZK_023 (LV)Department of HumanitiesBachelorMedicine2/3Pilna laika
Anthropological perspective on care KSK_283 (LV)Department of Communication StudiesMaster'sCommunication Science; Health Management; Public Health; Nursing Science; Medicine; Social Anthropology; Social Welfare and Social Work2/3Pilna laika
Anthropology of Communication Practices DN_111 (LV)Department of Doctoral StudiesDoctorCommunication Science2/3Pilna laika
Application of kettlebell sports and non-traditional exercises in fitness SUUK_216 (LV)Department of Sports and NutritionBachelorSports Trainer2/3Nepilna laika
Applied Biostatistics SL_033 (LV)Statistical Unit-Dentistry; Public Health; Pharmacy; Medicine2/3Pilna laika

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