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Course title, code and languageStructural unitCourse levelTarget audienceKP/ ECTSStudy type
Microbiology, Immunology, Virology BUMK_053 (LV)Department of Biology and MicrobiologyFirst levelDentistry2/3Pilna laika
Microbiology, Immunology, Virology BUMK_018 (EN/LV)Department of Biology and MicrobiologyMaster'sLife Science3/4.5Pilna laika
Microbiology, Immunology, Virusology BUMK_052Department of Biology and MicrobiologyMaster'sMedicine5/7.5-
Military psychology VPUPK_288 (LV)Department of Health Psychology and PaedagogyMaster'sPsychology4/6Pilna laika
Military psychology II VPUPK_289 (LV)Department of Health Psychology and PaedagogyMaster'sPsychology4/6Pilna laika
Mindfulness in Medicine HZK_048 (EN/LV)Department of HumanitiesMaster'sMedicine2/3Pilna laika
Modern Communication Technologies KSK_164 (LV)Department of Communication StudiesBachelorCommunication Science; Information and Communication Science2/3Nepilna laika Pilna laika
Modern Communication Theories KSK_206 (LV)Department of Communication StudiesMaster'sCommunication Science2/3Pilna laika
Modern Management Theories and Strategic Management DN_058 (LV)Department of Doctoral StudiesDoctorManagement Science4/6Pilna laika
Molecular and Cell Biology BUMK_061 (EN/LV)Department of Biology and MicrobiologyMaster'sBiology; Medicine3/4.5Pilna laika

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