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Who we are

The RSU Portuguese Society is one of the branches of the RSU International Students' Association. It was created in April 2017 as a way to represent the Portuguese student community and to promote international spirit.


Our primary aims

We believe that it's our duty to help and support the students in both their medical studies and in matters relating to everyday life - especially newcomers. Therefore, inclusion and adapting are our primary goals. In order to achieve this we plan several events not only for Portuguese students, but for anyone who would like to join us.

What we do

We plan events during the year to promote student well-being, and for members of our society to meet other students at RSU. These events have included bowling, picnics, ice skating, dinners, paintball and many other gatherings.

Executive board and employees

President: Ana Moreira Marques
Vice-President: Joana Matos
Treasurer: Tomás Ferreira 
Secretary: Sebastião Almeida
Event Planner: Sara Moutinho
PR Officer: Mariana Santos
Volunteer Coordinator: Teresa Meirelles



Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any doubts or a question - we are here to help you!

Send us a message on Facebook or email us on rsu[pnkts]portuguese[pnkts]societyatgmail[pnkts]com and we’ll get back to you shortly!