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Why recycle?

  • Waste is converted into valuable secondary materials that can be used to make new things;
  • We conserve natural resources by preserving petroleum products, wood and other resources for future generations, and significantly reducing water and energy consumption;
  • We save space in landfill sites – only waste that really cannot be recycled should be sent there;
  • We save money, because recycled waste is collected and recycled free of charge, while the cost of removing and disposing of unsorted waste is increasing every year;
  • We protect the environment and ecology because waste, when it goes into nature or is disposed of improperly (e. g. by burning), causes significant pollution and poses a health risk;
  • We are making the nature around us more beautiful – without bottles by the roadside or polythene bags stuck in the tree branches;
  • We show our attitude for the future of the planet so that not only we, but our children and grandchildren can live green and healthy lives.