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Programme Fact File

Study direction:
Health Care
Bachelor’s study programme
accredited until
Degree conferred:
Professional Bachelor's Degree in Health Care
Language: English
Credit points/ECTS: 160/240
Study location: Rīga
Full time on-site
4 years
M T W Th F
10 paid

The study programme allows students to acquire the basic disciplines of medicine, theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the selected speciality, by obtaining in-depth knowledge on the assessment of environmental accessibility, readjustment thereof, the practical use of technical aids. For better practical readiness for professional work students undergo clinical placement in hospitals and rehabilitation centres in Latvia.

Study environment and methods

Study environment

Studies take place in a modern and well-equipped environment and are organised in the form of lectures, video lectures, seminars, practical classes and active independent work. Students have the possibility to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and take their first steps in research by participating in the interdisciplinary health care scientific group, bringing together professionals of the field who share the same views. In addition to compulsory courses, students have access to various elective courses allowing to improve one’s physical condition and acquire an in-depth knowledge of human health.

1st study year

In the 1st year students acquire general humanities and social sciences subjects e.g., psychology and medical ethics as well as subjects that develop their social, communicative and organisational skills, and focus on the basics of Occupational Therapy, e.g., basics of OT, assessment methods in OT, knowledge about disability and environmental accessibility, universal design and practical skills in assessment and adjustment of environmental accessibility.

2nd study year

In the 2nd year students proceed with general subjects as well as theoretical subjects in OT - paediatric and adult diseases, internal diseases, neurology, traumatology and orthopaedics, psychiatry, first aid, and pharmacology. Additionally second year students master conceptual placement models in OT, OT in paediatrics, including clinical training in paediatrics and creative activities in OT.

3rd study year

Students continue professional specialisation courses – OT for adults, ergonomics, general rehabilitation, the turnover system for technical aids, and public and environmental health. Students commence clinical placement.

4th study year

Students have clinical placement in hospitals and rehabilitation centres, working with patients who have somatic or psychiatric illnesses or inhibited mental development. Students also acquire elective courses that provide a broader understanding of the health care sector.

Study methods

  • lectures
  • classes
  • teamwork
  • individual classes

Course codeStudy course titleOffered byCourse leaderCredit points/ETCS
MK_049AnatomySilvija Umbraško5 / 7.5
REK_075Assessment and classification of Functional capacity limitSigne Tomsone2 / 3
REK_123Assistive technologies and enviromental accessibilityIeva Jēkabsone3 / 4.5
REK_054Basics in Occupational TherapyLolita Cibule4 / 6
SL_013Basics of BiostatisticsAndrejs Ivanovs2 / 3
VPUPK_116Basics of PsychologyJeļena Ļubenko2 / 3
BUMK_026Biology and GeneticsAgnese Zariņa2 / 3
REK_021Circulation and system of Technical aidsZane Liepiņa2 / 3
KPUMTK_010Civil and Environmental Defense, First AidOļegs Sabeļņikovs2 / 3
FLK_032Clinical PharmacologyLīga Henke1 / 1.5
REK_090Clinical practice for persons with mental delayIeva Rugina4 / 6
REK_091Clinical practice in psychiatryIeva Rugina8 / 12
REK_093Clinical practice in somatic medicine IZane Liepiņa6 / 9
REK_094Clinical practice in somatic medicine IIZane Liepiņa8 / 12
REK_097Conceptual models of practiceLolita Cibule5 / 7.5
REK_004Creative Activities in Occupational TherapyInāra Kalniņa4 / 6
LUSDK_052Cultural and Religious DiversityIngrīda Bolgzda2 / 3
REK_024Development of Bachelor’s Thesis and DefenceInāra Kalniņa10 / 15
VPUPK_196Developmental psychologyAelita Vagale2 / 3
SVUEK_046Economic andBasics of BusinessAnita Kokarēviča2 / 3
AURK_021Emergency Care IIndulis Vanags1 / 1.5
AURK_003Emergency Care IIBaiba Arkliņa1 / 1.5
VC_079English in RehabilitationTatjana Zakutajeva2 / 3
AUVMK_035Environmental Science and Basics of Civil Protection Sabīne Grīnberga1 / 1.5
REK_172Ergonomics, course workZane Liepiņa4 / 6
VPUPK_027Family PedagogyAira Aija Krūmiņa2 / 3
FLK_023General PharmacologyLīga Henke1 / 1.5
REK_032General RehabilitationAnita Vētra3 / 6
SUUK_118Healthy Food PreparationLolita Vija Neimane2 / 3
MVI_002History of MedicineInstitute of the History of MedicineMaija Pozemkovska1 / 1.5
ISK_192Internal DiseasesJuris Karpovs1 / 1.5
VPUPK_028Introduction to Art TherapyJana Duhovska2 / 3
REK_037Knowledge about invalidityIeva Jēkabsone1 / 1.5
SVUEK_077Legal Aspects of Professional ActivityAldis Liepiņš1 / 1.5
REK_176MassageInts Zeidlers2 / 3
VC_007Medical Terminology in Latin & GreekAija Zilvestre1 / 1.5
VC_078Medical Terminology in RussianLudmila Jermakoviča2 / 3
REK_076Mental retardationIeva Rugina1 / 1.5
REK_129Methods of Research ILolita Cibule2 / 3
REK_130Methods of Research IILolita Cibule2 / 3
REK_117Metogology assesment with ErgotherapyLolita Cibule2 / 3
NUNK_015NeurologyZanda Priede2 / 3
SUUK_049Nordic WalkingIrēna Upeniece2 / 3
SUUK_102Nutritional educationLolita Vija Neimane2 / 3
REK_115Occupation and cultural environmentIeva Jēkabsone2 / 3
REK_051Occupational Therapy in pediatricsIeva Rugina12 / 18
REK_053Occupational Therapy: geriatric/gerontologySigne Tomsone4 / 6
REK_052Occupational Therapy: Public HealthZane Liepiņa5 / 7.5
BKK_006Paediatric Traumatology and OrthopaedicsArnis Eņģelis1 / 1.5
PEK_034PaediatricsIveta Dzīvīte-Krišāne2 / 3
PIC_001PedagogyNora Jansone-Ratinika2 / 3
VPUPK_168Pedagogy in Heath CareAira Aija Krūmiņa2 / 3
VPUPK_169Personality and HealthJana Duhovska2 / 3
LUSDK_211Philosophy and EthicsOlafs Brūvers2 / 3
CFUBK_050PhysiologyMaija Rumaka4 / 6
REK_133Principles of hand splintingLolita Cibule1 / 1.5
PUNK_018PsychiatryBiruta Kupča3 / 4.5
REK_135Psychiatry in Occupational TherapyInāra Kalniņa3 / 4.5
VC_040Russian in RehabilitationLudmila Jermakoviča2 / 3
VPUPK_166Self-Efficacy and Self-RegulationJeļena Koļesņikova2 / 3
SUPK_099SociologyRitma Rungule2 / 3
REK_013Somatic diseasesZane Liepiņa6 / 9
SUUK_084Sports and GamesIndra Vīnberga2 / 3
SUUK_136Sports for Health 2Indra Vīnberga2 / 3
REK_023State ExaminationInāra Kalniņa2 / 3
ORTK_002Traumatology and orthopaedicsAndris Jumtiņš1 / 1.5
REK_022Universal designIeva Jēkabsone1 / 1.5
LUSDK_016Violence, psychosocial factorsIlvija Razgale2 / 0

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