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The goal of Technology Transfer Office (TTO) activities is to be systematically aware of the competencies of the scientific units at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), to encourage knowledge and technology transfer activities and the commercialisation of research results.

In the modern age, it is more and more important to encourage the collaboration between scientists and businessmen for the mutual development of products, which is why RSU, with the aid of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), founded the TTO in September 2008.


TTO guarantees for scientists:

  • Consultations on issues of scientific developments as intellectual and industrial property;
  • Organisation of the registration of intellectual and industrial property rights under the RSU name, coverage of related expenses;
  • Organisation of informative and collaborative events;
  • Arrangement for scientists to attend international exhibits and forums, coverage of related expenses.

TTO offers the following services to business entities and other organisations:

  • Consultations about collaboration opportunities with RSU scientific units;
  • Co-operation for the development of new products/technologies;
  • Organisation of contract research;
  • Technological consultations / expert services etc.


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