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Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to use and see resources that are available only on the internal network of RSU. RSU user name (student ID, employee user name) is required to connect to a VPN service. You need to write a request to the RSU IT Service Center itatrsu[pnkts]lv in order to set up VPN for yourself. 

Confiuguration of VPN

1. Right-click the Internet icon in the lower right corner:

  • The WiFi network icon looks like this vpn1.png
  • The Ethernet looks like this  vpn2.png

2. Press on the Open Network and Sharing Center with the left mouse buttonvpn3_0.png


3. When the Internet Settings page opens, press Set up a new connection or network.



4. Click on Connect to a workplace




5. Click on Use my Internet connection (VPN)


6. In the next window, fill in the following blanks as follow:

6.1. Internet address:
6.2. Destination name: RSU VPN

  • Leave settings by default (Check Remember my credentials)
  • Once you create a VPN, you are back to the starting window (paragraph 2)
  • On the top left you will see Change adapter settings 



7. Click on Change adapter settings, when next windows opens, search for RSU VPN

8. Right-click on RSU VPN, and then press Properties


8. When Properties window is open, go to Security

9. Click on Avanced Settings

10. Type of VPN change  from Automatic to Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

11. Check the box Allow these protocols


12. Under Allow these protocols check the box Challenge Handshake Authentications Protocol (CHAP)


Connecting to RSU VPN

1.Right-click the Internet icon in the lower right corner:

  • Wireless internet icon looks like this vpn1.png
  • Ethernet Internet icon looks like this vpn2.png

2.    When window opens, click on RSU VPN



3.    When opens new window, click on RSU VPN and after click Connect



4.    There will be opening this window: 

4.1.    Type your RSU username in the first window (Your username consists of the first three letters of your name and first three letters of your surname)
4.2.    Type your RSU password in the second window
4.3.    The click on OK


5. You have successfully connected.


In case of matters please kindly reach the IT Service centre e-ailing to itatrsu[pnkts]lv or over the phone 67061515.