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Kredītpunkti / ECTS:4 / 6
Kursa vadītājs: Klāvs Sedlenieks
Studiju tips:Pilna laika
Mērķauditorija:Sociālā antropoloģija
Zinātnes nozare:Socioloģija; Sociālā antropoloģija


The aim of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to get insight in anthropological approaches to studies of sex and gender, in particular paying attention to such concepts as sex and gender, body, male/female, gender roles, sexuality, drawing examples from wide ethnographic material. The course critically examine the above categories as well as those of 'a person' and 'human nature' in the context of gender studies. The course is building upon knowledge acquired in the course "Kinship Systems" and is connected to "Medical anthropology".



Understanding about the study of sex and gender in anthropology, the main theoretical approaches and the most important ethnographic studies.


The ability to use the acquired knowledge to interpret and analyse academic and practical problems regarding sex and gender.


Students can discuss the problems of sex and gender in anthropological context at a high level of competence of the texts and topics discussed and analysed during the course.


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