Orientation Week

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ow 1We are excited to have you join the ranks of RSU students! The Orientation Week is organised a week before the beginning of the academic year, when arriving international students are welcomed at the University. It is designed to help you as a new student to meet your new classmates, settle in to university life and get to know your new surroundings. 

What happens during the Orientation Week?

The Orientation Week includes important and serious activities, such as signing the study agreement as well as general fun stuff, like getting to know new people throughout the week and participating in the welcoming party at the end of the week.

2During the Orientation Week you will:

  • Meet other international students and staff of the International Office.

  • Receive a Welcoming Package, which includes items (like the e-ticket, which gives you 70 % discount on all public transport in Riga) and important information, to commence your studies at RSU.

  • Receive the timetable of your study programme.

  • Have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the University campus.

  • 3Register for studies and sign the Study Agreement (students are enrolled at RSU with Rector’s Order after signing Study Agreement and fulfilling all obligations stated in it).

  • Be able to participate in other social and cultural activities organised by the International Department and the Student Council.

Note! No lectures or seminars take place during this week; however commencing international students are expected to be available to attend RSU during this week.

The dates of the Orientation Week are published here and all accepted students are also informed of the programme personally.

Upcoming dates for Orientation Week:

  • Spring Semester: 5–10 February 2018

What others have said about the Orientation Week

ow 4This is what some students had to say about the Orientation Week:

  • I have had a wonderful first day at the RSU and have been made to feel very welcome by everyone. It was great to have lunch at the Lido, which was a very kind gesture indeed and I had fun meeting and playing games with all the other new students. Evelina has been extremely helpful and is a great buddy so I am very grateful for all the organisation gone into everything for foreign students. (Jahnavi Pal, UK)

  • Although I had been in Riga for two weeks already, my buddy could still show me new interesting sights and told me the most important things about the studies at RSU. I was completely satisfied. (Anonymous)

  • My buddy has been very, very helpful! She has offered all kinds of things for us to do together, and I am looking forward to getting to know her more. She is of great help! (Anonymous)

We hope that you too will find the Orientation Week useful and fun!

Should you have more questions about the Orientation Week, please contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.