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The Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) International Student Association’s (ISA) mission is to represent, serve and help improve the lives of all international students at RSU. ISA co-operates with the RSU Student Union (Studējošo pašpārvalde, SP), the International Department, and the deans of various faculties in order to help all our students with any queries or problems that they may have during their time at RSU.


ISA works to help promote school spirit and integration between international and Latvian students at the University. ISA also aims to provide opportunities for students to apply and develop their talents, skills, and interests through various academic, social and cultural programs.

Primary Aims

  • To implement and maintain efforts to facilitate the integration of international and Latvian students into the RSU student community;
  • To provide information, offer advice, and speak to the appropriate departments within the University in order to help students with questions or concerns;
  • To represent the opinions of international students in matters affecting their interests at RSU;
  • To coordinate and organise academic and social events for students;
  • To promote constructive collaboration among students, staff, and organisations at RSU;
  • To further the interests of the international community at RSU and to promote cross-cultural contacts.


For information about sports at RSU, please visit the RSU Sports Club page.

International students at RSU also organise their own sports group. These meet on a regular basis, organise a variety of events, and are always happy to welcome new members! More detailed information is available to current students on the RSU ISA Sharepoint website.

Contact Us

We are always available for a chat if you have any worries, complaints or suggestions concerning academic or social affairs at RSU. We also welcome any ideas for social events so just drop us a line if you have anything on your mind! If you see any of our board members walking around campus please feel free to approach us, talk to us or even just say hello! We are always pleased to meet our fellow students.

  • If you are even more interested in helping us out be sure to get in contact with our Activist Group! Email them at activist[pnkts]isaatgmail[pnkts]com (isa[at]rsu[dot]lv) or check them out on Facebook!
    • Sign up here to become an ISA activist!
  • Subscribe to the ISA newsletter here,
  • E-mail us at isaatrsu[pnkts]lv (isa[at]rsu[dot]lv),
  • Follow us on Instagram,
  • or Facebook,
  • or phone us on +371 22 720 750.

RSU ISA Sharepoint website (accessible only to current students)