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RSU International Department ensures the University’s international cooperation, as well as the admission and integration of international students. The International Admissions Office is a part of the International Department.

RSU International Department is responsible for the following functions at the University:

Admission of international applicants

  • Recruiting international applicants, promoting the University abroad;
  • Advising international applicants on study opportunities;
  • Organising informative events such as the Open Days;
  • Managing the admission process of international applicants;
  • Providing assistance with immigration.

Integration of international students

  • Organising the Orientation Week
  • Coordinating the mentoring programme for incoming international students and organising workshops for mentors;
  • Ensuring cooperation with international student organisations;
  • Arranging various integration events (e.g., Speed-friending, Meet the Ambassador, Coffee Break with International Students, etc.).

Coordination of the Erasmus+ programme

  • Providing all university stakeholders with information on mobility and Erasmus+ project opportunities;
  • Organising incoming and outgoing mobilities;
  • Providing administrative support during the Erasmus+ project preparation and implementation phases;
  • Creating and maintaining a network of partner universities. 

Cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's Health Knowledge and Innovation Community (EIT Health)

  • Representing EIT Health in Latvia;
  • Creating awareness about EIT Health programmes and opportunities among the participants of the Latvian healthcare eco-system; 
  • Facilitating the development of the Latvian healthcare eco-system by the support of EIT Health.

Other international cooperation activities

  • Arranging visits of international guests and delegations;
  • Providing administrative support to the University’s units in the preparation and implementation of international projects;
  • Preparing informative and marketing materials for international audiences.

Provision of translation services 

  • Providing translation services in various languages for the needs of the units of the University;
  • Providing consultations regarding the use of terminology;
  • Building and maintaining English Style and Terminology Guide.