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Audiology and Speech Therapy

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The Audiology and Speech Therapy study programme has been designed to provide professional academic education in preparation for becoming a qualified and competitive health care functional specialist – audiologist-speech therapist.

Title of Study Programme: Audiology and Speech Therapy
Head of Study Programme: Inga Rutmane, MSc (Health Science), Lecturer
Study Type: Full-time studies
Programme Length and ECTS: 8 semesters, 4 years, 240 ECTS
Degree Awarded: Professional Bachelor’s degree in Health Care
Qualification Awarded: Audiologist-Speech Therapist
Aim of Study Programme: The aim of the programme is to ensure the acquisition of specific skills and abilities in the audiologist-speech therapist area of specialisation, necessary for high-level professional work, consistent with the needs of the health care and rehabilitation system.
Teaching Language: Latvian - Individual applications for studies in English are not accepted.
Main objectives of Study Programme:
  • Provide students with theoretical knowledge in scientific subjects and practical skills.
  • Ensure implementation of the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities in practice.
  • Provide the basic theoretical knowledge in the principal medical and clinical subjects.

Assessment methods:

Evaluation system for each subject is specified in the course description. Students are provided with the evaluation criteria at the beginning of each course. Every semester study subject evaluations are completed in special Examination/Test forms developed by RSU, with results written in credit books, and included in students’ personal files.

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