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Version 1

1. Cookies can be used on the website of Rīga Stradiņš University (hereinafter referred to as – RSU).

2. The RSU website may contain links to third party websites that have their own terms of use and personal data protection for which RSU is not responsible.

3. Cookies are small text files that a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) stores on a user's terminal (computer, mobile phone, tablet) when the user visits a website to identify the browser or to store information or settings in the browser. Thus, through cookies, the website acquires the ability to save the user's individual settings, recognise the user and respond accordingly, in order to improve the website's using experience. The user can disable or restrict the use of cookies, but without cookies it will not be possible to fully use all the features of the website. Depending on the functions to be performed and the purpose of use, strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies, analytical cookies and targeting (advertising) cookies may be used.

4. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the user to freely visit and browse the website and use the features it offers, including obtaining information about the services and purchasing them. These cookies identify the user's device, but do not reveal the user's identity, nor do they collect or summarise information. Without these cookies, the website will not be able to function properly, for example, to provide the user with the necessary information, to provide the requested services or to apply for the service. These cookies are stored on the user's device until the web browser is closed.

5. Functional cookies

With functional cookies, the website remembers the settings selected by the user and the choices made, so that the user can use the website more conveniently. These cookies are stored on the user's device permanently.

6. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information about how the user uses the website, find the most frequently visited sections, including the content that the user selects while browsing the website. The information is used for analytical purposes, to find out what interests the users of the site and to improve the functionality of the site, make it more convenient to use. Analytical cookies identify only the user's device, but do not disclose the user's identity. In some cases, some analytical cookies are managed by third parties – data processors (operators) such as Google Adwords – instead of the website owner in accordance with its instructions and only for the stated purposes.

7. Targeting (advertising) cookies

Targeting (advertising) cookies are used to collect information about the websites visited by the user and to offer RSU’s or cooperation partners’ services of direct interest to a particular user or to address offers corresponding to the interest shown by the particular user. These cookies are usually placed by third parties, such as Google Adwords, with the permission of the website owner. Targeting cookies are stored permanently on the user's terminal.

8.  Cookies are used to improve the user’s experience when using websites and homepages:

8.1. to ensure the functionality of the website;
8.2. to customise the functionality of the website to the user's usage habits - including language, search requests, previously viewed content;
8.3. to obtain statistics on the flow of visitors to the page – number of visitors, time spent etc.
8.4. for user authentication.

9. Unless otherwise stated, cookies are stored while the action for which they were collected is performed and then deleted.

10. Cookie information is not transferred for processing outside the European Union and the EEA.

11. When visiting the website, a window is displayed to the user with a notification that cookies are used on the website. By closing this notification window, the user confirms that he / she has read and agrees to the information about cookies, the purposes of their use and cases when their information is transferred to a third party. Accordingly, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the user's consent. If the user enters into an agreement when using the website or a site, the processing of cookies is necessary for the fulfilment of the agreement, or for RSU to fulfil its legal obligation or pursue legitimate interests. You can restrict and delete cookies in the security settings of any web browser. However, it should be noted that the use of strictly necessary cookies and functional cookies cannot be declined, as without them it is not possible to ensure the full use of the site and the website.

12. More information about cookies, including what cookies are set on your computer and how they can be managed or deleted, can be found here:    

13. Detailed list of cookies used

NameDescriptionExpires /
Valid until
Strictly necessary cookies
Field_redirect_urlProvides redirection to the homepage.1 day
undefinedA technical cookie that ensures the operation of the page.1 day
Functional cookies cookie which is set after consenting to the use of cookies. Ensures that the cookie notification message does not reappear.100 days
Analytical cookies
Google Analytics cookie that limits the volume of requests.
Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites
1 minute
_gidGoogle Analytics cookie that contains a unique ID that distinguishes visitors of a page and allows to track visitor behaviour on the website.
Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites
1 day
_gaGoogle Analytics cookie that allows to track unique visitors.2 years
Targeting (advertising) cookies
Test_cookieA doubleclick cookie that checks whether cookies are enabled in the browser.15 minutes
_hjTLDTestCookie ensures Hotjar operation on subdomains of a specific website. Once the technical inspection has been completed, the cookie is deleted.Until the end of the session
_hjFirstSeenHotJar cookie that verifies whether the user visits the page for the first time.
Hotjar Cookie Information – Hotjar Documentation
Until the end of the session
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgressThe HotJar cookie marks the beginning of the user's session.30 minutes
_hjidThe cookie is set during the first visit (consent) of the site. It is used to associate a unique Hotjar ID and to ensure that actions taken on the site will be associated with a specific visitor ID.1 year cookie allows to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement as well as allows the advertisement to be adapted to different target groups.Until the end of the session
_gcl_auGoogle AdSense cookie measures advertisement performance3 months
IDEDoubleClick cookie that provides the display of targeted advertising. This cookie is also taken into account when visiting other web pages.
Further details
To disable the storage of such cookies, follow this link.
13 months
1P_JAR, CONSENT, NID, DV, OGPCGoogle cookies that follow the user if they have given their consent to the use of Google cookies (also from other websites). Used for Google Settings, targeted advertising and other purposes.
Further details
DV – 1 minute;
NID – 6 months;
1P_JAR – 1 month;
OGPC – 2 months;
CONSENT – 17 years.