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The Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Research Portal collects information on the research output and activities of the academic and research staff at RSU: publications, projects, awards, research activities, data sets, presentations, communication, press and media, and more.

The portal is publicly available and allows for RSU to demonstrate its academic and research achievements, to visualise and communicate scientific performance, and share research results obtained by, or in cooperation with RSU. The RSU Research Portal promotes communication and cooperation with the university’s researchers and research groups. The portal provides an accurate, dependable, and complete compilation of RSU's research performance.

The RSU Research Portal displays the information that has been added to the RSU Current Research Information System (ZDIS Pure). It is the RSU's new research information management system, in which information on the research performance of various departments and academic staff is added, aggregated and maintained. Data collected in ZDIS Pure is used to create reports, track the progress that has been made in meeting an organisational unit’s objectives, establish researchers’ transparent profiles, promote the development of research networks and to disseminate knowledge, prepare scientific activity reports for external institutions, while reducing the administrative burden on researchers and administration.

Sign on to ZDIS Pure

User training

The RSU Research Department organises training for employees on how to use ZDIS Pure. At the training sessions, you will be able to learn how to add research outputs to the system, maintain a researcher’s profile, retrieve detailed reports, and use the RSU Research Portal for communication. There are training sessions on a variety of topics. We suggest attending an introductory training session before attending an in-depth thematic session. Let us know, if you need training in English: pure[pnkts]helpatrsu[pnkts]lv

Implementation of ZDIS Pure in RSU

The implementation of our ZDIS Pure was initiated in 2020. The public access to the Research Portal was launched in March 2021, followed by data uploads and intense training sessions of RSU employees. The process of bettering our portal has not stopped for a moment, and we continue implementing new solutions to reflect the full range of our scientific results and activities.

Elsevier, the developer of Pure, has recognized RSU as one of the most succesful implementers of ZDIS Pure. The case study tells the story of how we achieved it and what was the key to our success.