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EATRIS is a non-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). This specific legal form is designed to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of research infrastructures of European interest.

The organisational model of EATRIS is based on the unification of European countries with the aim of promoting the development and scientific excellence of translational medicine, the development of new diagnostic methods and drugs and ensuring their implementation in practical medicine in accordance with ethical and regulatory requirements.

Product platforms

  • Advanced therapy medical products
  • Biomarkers
  • Imaging & Tracing
  • Small Molecules
  • Vaccines
  • COVID-19 research

EATRIS has published an update on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which also includes an overview of our institutions' activities and services.


To make the translation of scientific discoveries into medical products more effective in order to improve health and quality of life.


To support researchers in developing their biomedical discoveries into novel translational tools and interventions for better societal health outcomes.


To help scientists with the resources they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise, like laboratory equipment, guidance, or other scientific specialties.

Supporting academia, industry, patients and policy makers

EATRIS makes the translational community accessible to researchers by providing:

  • Access to quality research infrastructure services;
  • Support for multi-disciplinary, patient-oriented research;
  • The best infrastructure & resources to ensure the optimal methodological approach;
  • Easy access to industry, regulatory expertise;
  • The development of new tools for better R&D output.

EATRIS assists in the preparation of project applications:

  • By establishing a consortium
  • Joining as partner
  • Acting as presenter.


To support biomedical researchers gain a better understanding of translational research and medicine development, EATRIS has developed its very own e-learning platform that offers access to several online activities free of charge. Online training modules are a great way to provide high quality, accessible and interactive training at all levels.


TRANSMED Academy offers three types of e-learning content:

  • Introductory modules for early career researchers and expert patients;
  • Targeted modules on the use of specific translational technologies for academics and SME based researchers developing Personalised Medicine research;
  • Modules and recorded webinars on cross-cutting topics related to funding, impact or technology transfer for the research community at large.


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