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The motto of RSU is excellence and innovation. Although the University has been named after the capital city Rīga and one of the most prominent figures in Latvian medicine, Professor Pauls Stradiņš, we believe that the abbreviation “RSU” also stands for our values.

Centered on Students

Healthcare Study Programmes

  • 3 study programmes in English medium
  • All healthcare study programmes nationally accredited until 2023
  • Leading medical and healthcare university in the Baltics
  • RSU diploma recognised world-wide
  • Personalised approach to learning - class size of 8 to 15 students 
  • Hands-on practical training in Medical Education Technology Centre
  • Close affiliation with leading hospitals in Riga and regions of Latvia
  • Internships at partner hospitals in Germany, Italy and Israel
  • State-of-the-art medical education training equipment
  • Theatrum Anatomicum with cadavers, 3D anatomy visualisation tables
  • One of the most advanced dentistry pre-clinical training centres in Northern Europe
  • Interactive learning technologies and top quality dental filling materials

Study Programmes in Social Sciences

  • 4 study programmes in English medium
  • 25 years of experience in providing study programmes in social sciences
  • New study programmes in social sciences in English medium developed every year
  • RSU diploma recognised world-wide
  • Multicultural study environment
  • Personalised approach to learning - class size of 10 to 15 students
  • Study subjects taught by leading experts of international relations in the region
  • Simulation-based and problem-based studies
  • Team-teaching, interactive studies, interlinked courses
  • International partnerships in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India and other countries
  • Projects in cooperation with the RSU's Business Incubator
  • Study visits abroad