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Whistleblower – natural person who provides information on a possible violation which may harm the public interests if the person considers this information to be true and it has become known to him or her while fulfilling the work duties or establishing legal relations related to the fulfilment of work duties.

Violation – a criminal offence, administrative violation or other violation of legal norms or violations of binding ethical or professional norms.

RSU Whistleblowing Procedure

When receiving a whistleblower's report, the personal data of the submitter shall be pseudonymised. The personal data of a whistleblower, report and appended written or material evidence, and also materials from the examination of the whistleblower's report shall have the status of restricted access information.

To report violations at RSU, please fill out the Whistleblower Report Form and send it via e-mail to trauksmeatrsu[pnkts]lv. You are also welcome to submit the form in person to the RSU Whistleblowing Commission, or send it via regular mail addressing it to the Whistleblowing Commission.

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