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Information systems


The Academic staff Portal, created by the Riga Stradiņš university (RSU), provides access to information available in various RSU information systems which linked to the RSU training process, such as the Clinical Skills Register, Survey Results, feedback on surveys etc. 

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The sections of the Academic staff portal:

Academic departments:

  •  contact details;
  • study programmes carried out;
  • study courses;
  • related classrooms;
  • employees.

Courses of study:

  • Data of study direction;
  • study programmes carried out;
  • academic staff involved in the implementation.

Study programmes:

  • data of the study programme;
  • scheduled study courses;
  • academic staff  involved in the implementation;
  • lists of students.

Study courses:

  • study course data;
  • scheduled study courses;
  • academic staff involved in the implementation.


  • data on skills to be learned;
  • scheduled study courses.

Academic staff:

  • contact details;
  • conducted and implemented study courses;
  • conducted study programmes and directions;
  • lists of candidate for a doctor’s degree.

Centre for Educational Growth:

  • information and application for workshops and training organised by PIC.


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