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Use of information resources

RSU academic staff have the opportunity to receive information resources at the RSU library – both for on-site use and for borrowing, observing the loan periods.

Contact: +37167409192, bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv.

Information service for thematic requests

This paid service includes searching for information in the subscribed electronic resources by a specific required topic or keywords. A list of bibliographic information is being prepared. Full texts are then also selected as needed.

Submit your thematic request

Contact information: +37167062645, Natalija[pnkts]Kislakovaatrsu[pnkts]lv.

Support for systematic reviews

As part of this service, RSU Library offers a complimentary consultation on creating a systematic review. Our specialist provides guidance on systematic review guidelines, available resources, and advice on accessing detailed information and tools for assessing the scientific quality of individual studies. Additionally, the specialist informs about where to locate evidence and how to save bibliographic information, while introducing search techniques and methods.

Furthermore, a fee-based service is available to provide assistance in the development and documentation of a search strategy. This encompasses searching for evidence and the selection of pertinent sources for the initial review, along with support for bibliography creation.

Submit your systematic review

Contact information: Inga[pnkts]Znotinaatrsu[pnkts]lv, tel. +37167062664

Identifying top 10 industry journals to publish

This service is for academic staff and researchers who want to publish in scientific journals with a high impact factor, i. e., journals that are highly valued in the relevant scientific field.

The librarian will provide the list containing the top ten influential journals so that the lecturer can then choose which of these journals to send his/her scientific article to.

Please address the request to the Library's e-mail address: bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv


Verifying the inclusion of a researcher's publication within scientific journals

The primary objective of this service is to verify the inclusion of a researcher's publication within internationally recognized journals. This involves a comprehensive assessment of whether the researcher's scientific articles have been catalogued within the Web of Science and Scopus databases. This service is provided at no cost.

Please address the request to the Library's e-mail address: bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv.


Daily consultations on information search strategies

RSU Library patrons have the opportunity to receive guidance with searching for information in databases at the Library Information Center, situated at 16 Dzirciema Street, Block G, Room 204. Our consultants offer assistance, both at this center and across our various Library branches.

Inter-Library Loan service

Materials, which are not held in the RSU Library can be requested via inter-library loan and document delivery centres. Loan periods and other rules connected with interlibrary loans are decided by the lending library. The information source can be ordered electronically from the Library home page, or order-forms can be picked up at the Information Centre.

Please address the request to the Library's e-mail address: sbaatrsu[pnkts]lv

Information literacy courses

This service encompasses librarian-led instructional modules centered around subjects such as the PubMed database, the EndNote tool, and related topics, which are seamlessly integrated within the framework of the Centre for Educational Growth  continuing education courses.


Please address the request to the e-mail address: inga[pnkts]znotinaatrsu[pnkts]lv

Enhancement of Library Collection

Researchers and academic staff can suggest books (including missing books or extra reading materials) to add to the collection or request more copies of existing ones in various ways:

  • by filling out a free-form form in the section
  • filling out forms located at the Library`s reading rooms - both in the main building and its branches
  • Addressing the request to the e-mail address: ilze[pnkts]vitolaatrsu[pnkts]lv