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Video Services


The IT Department invites academic staff to use Recording Room (before it was paying office), which is equipped with high-quality audio and video technic hardware. In the room may be up to five people in the room, but at the moment due to obligatory distance keeping only one person. In the remote learning process, online lectures and recordings have played a particularly important role among RSU academic staff and students.








Video Recording room is equipped with:

  • A 65-inch screen where you can easily review all participants of lectures or conference.
  • A 24-inch touch screen placed on the table. You can use this screen as a horizontal blackboard to draw, write on, or to display presentations.
  • A high-definition camera with auto-focus and color adjustment. The angle of the camera is 120 degrees, thus, despite the number of people, they will all be included in camera view.
  • Separate lamps for smooth illumination.
  • Microphones intended for individual use and multiple people.
  • Sound absorbing material on walls and ceilings.
  • The room is equipped with all the necessary to record a lecture qualitatively and create online events.

Colleagues of the IT Service Centre offer training and consultations on the use of the video and audio hardware.

If you are interested to record or stream a lecture, please book the most convenient time for you using this link or write Service request on or email to: itatrsu[pnkts]lv .