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Skype for Business.pngThe Microsoft Office communication platform Skype for Business is based on the Microsoft Lync platform and provides instant messaging as part of the RSU. The Skype for Business application is available for all RSU employees.


  • your phone number remains same as before;
  • in the case of calls outside the RSU building, it is not necessary anymore to put the number “9” before the telephone number;
  • you will not be able to contact your colleagues using a three-digit combination (the last three digits of the phone number), but you can find any colleague's number on Skype for Business (Lync).
  • colleague's phone number can be found by entering name and/or surname in Skype for Business (Lync) search bar;
  • number identification available
  • in order to make calls outside the territory of  Latvia, before the number enter “+” and then code of country and number

Features of Skype for Business

Basic functionality

  • Instant messaging with other Skype for Business users (both individually or in groups)
  • Voice messages with other Skype for Business users
  • Video conferences with other Skype for Business users

Additional functionality

  • RSU contact search
  • Call forwarding to other RSU employees
  • Share documents with other Skype for Business users
  • Share monitors and files with other Skype for Business users
  • Recording audio and video calls
  • Create an online survey for an employee group
  • Create an online question and answer session for an employee group

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