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Information systems


A new request system is available for students and employees of the Riga Stradiņš university (RSU), but the link remains in the previous - When you open the window, RSU students need to enter their student's e-mail and password, while employees, RSU user name, and password. 

go to!The new, improved request system is complemented by the following features:

  • you can look at the progress and status of your request,
  • you can see the most frequent requests,
  • you can add screenshots to the request,
  • the reporter may evaluate the quality of the request by using 5 star scale as well as leave a comment.

IT request will still be submitted via the “IT Help” button on Intranet or To send an request, the employee will have to login with the RSU login and password. The subject of the request must then be selected (see below).


In order to obtain technical assistance as soon as possible, the IT Department reminds that when submitting request, it should be described as detailed as possible.

What kinf of requests can be submitted?

Use the following request form if:

  1. request related to Document Management and Archive unit
  2. Use the Infrastructure Department support system if you have questions about electricity, heating, safety system, water,  other repairs and other jobs, see here for a full list
  3. If you have any request regarding issues relating to Publishing and Printing unit, use the publishing and printing services. 
  4. Apply for a translation or editing service by applying for Translation and editing requests.
  5. Use IT Service Center requests if you need to provide a video and lecture video recording service, apply for toner to the print machine, and any questions related to RSU hardware and IT systems.
  6. Use free form IT request if you have any IT issue, such as the RSU internal network and internal systems (DVS, HOP, PDV, Portal of Academic Staff, Intranet, Auditorium Reservation System).

For example, if you choose to fill the free request form, the user will have to specify a subject and detailed description. If necessary, you can also add a file to the request (for example, a screenshot that explains to resolve the request).

Most of the request have their Project lead which means once request has been created, responsible employee will receive a notification about request. Therefore can be requests which do not have automatic assignee and the IT Service Center colleague assigns to asignee. If the student or employee wants to follow the status within the system, then it is possible to unsubscribe from e-mail notification. Also, when signing into request system, reporter will see a history of all requests created. 
Read below on how to view the requests that have been created.

How can I look at my requests created?

To see requests, on the page, on the upper-right corner of the page must click on My Requests, then the requests one has applied for and their statuses will appear, however by pressing on All Requests you will see what requests are submitted.

mani pieteikumi_0.PNG

Request will be registered since the issue explained over the phone call, onsite meeting or e-mail (to itatrsu[pnkts]lv) received. In case of questions and uncertainties, please contact the RSU IT Service Centre writing to itatrsu[pnkts]lv or calling 67061515 or coming to the G-115 office during working days from 07.45-20.00, on Saturdays from 09.00-16.00.
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