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Students have an upgraded Timetable – read the information below to get known with the new features. Now it is possible to approach detailed information about course (course description), venue and more. In addition, you can see notes, e.g. video lecture instead of on-site lecture.

If you click on course code, then you will be redirected to course description, however if you press on course title then you will be forwarded to Very new feature available – clicking on venue opens map with a location where the lecture takes place. The default view of the calendar is Agenda view where semester is seen from the current day however if you want to see full semester view, need to check the box “Full semester”. 

The timetable is compatible with the mobile phone.


You can approach the timetable in 4 ways:

  1. Consolidated View – See what lectures and seminars you have on every day of the week throughout the semester;
  2. Iterative View – See your timetable from the current day throughout the semester;
  3. Download the timetable as PDF;
  4. Scroll down and view the calendar via Office 365.