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Now the e-studies app is available via MyRSU!

MyRSU app is now linked with an e-studies app (moodle) which faciliates access to estudies directly via MyRSU app. The most comfortable way to use this app is to choose any course from your course tile (within MyRSU), click on left side “Moodle” and it goes directly to Moodle app where you can see your course timeline and materials.

What are the benefits of using an moodle app?

  • access e-studies more quickly and easily even when offline
  • see the marks first
  • No log-in required
  • Studies in your pocket

However, if you have not downloaded moodle app, then all what you need to do is download the e-studies app on your phone. Simply visit Google Play or App Store and type moodle.

How to configure moodle application correctly?

When the application is downloaded, you must write in place of “address site” and then type your Student ID and password. No further sign-in will be required.




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