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Vladislavs Anaņjevs will defend his doctoral dissertation on 18 June at 11:00 in an open meeting of the RSU Basic Sciences of Medicine, including Pharmacology, Degree Committee on Zoom. His dissertation is titled 'Bichasic calcium phosphate bioceramic materials influence on osteoporotic bone biomechanical parameters and bone density (experimental research)'.

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Official reviewers

  • Dr. sc. ing. Assoc. Prof. Kristīne Šalma-Ancāne, Rīga Technical University Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Biomaterials Innovation and Development Centre (Latvia)
  • Dr. med. Prof. Ilmārs Dūrītis, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (Latvia)
  • Dr. med. Simonas Grybauskas, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Further information about the study

Dissertation (Latvian)
Summary (Latvian)
Summary (English)

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