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Here we suggest several writing techniques and academic publishing tips to guide authors through the basic steps in the publication process.

Main topics regarding a submission to a journal

  • Tips and suggestions for writing a scientific review paper and a scientific research article
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Submitting a scientific manuscript
  • Reasons why a journal might reject manuscripts

Regarding the manuscript

  • How to determine the crucial point and the central message for a scientific article
  • How to write the abstract
  • Preparing proper figures and tables
  • Writing a good introduction with the appropriate background
  • How to write Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion sections

Finally, one example based on experimental phenomenology will be discussed.

Guest lecturer: Professor Baingio Pinna

Prof. Pinna is one of today's most significant specialists in the field of visual perception. In addition to PhD in psychology, Prof. Pinna has also obtained master’s degree in computer engineering. Pinna’s works are published in internationally recognised scientific journals. The professor has become known to the general public for discovering the so-called watercolours illusion.

Prof. Bandžio Pinna's CV



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