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Inclusive Internationalisation 2019, conference speaker

President, European Women Rectors Association, Turkey

Prof.Dr. Gülsün Sağlamer, Former Rector of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) (1996-2004) is a professor of architecture and has been as a post-doc researcher in Cambridge University (1975-1976), visiting Queen’s University of Belfast in 1993-1996. She was a Board Member of European University Association (2005-2009) and the Chair of the Advisory group of MSCA (2013-2016). She has received several architectural prizes and was awarded Honoris Causa by Carleton University, Canada (2001), Universitatea de Nord Din Baia Mare University, Romania (2002), Ovidius University of Constantza in Romania (2009) and Queens University of Belfast (2018). American Institute of Architects (AIA) awarded her “Honorary Fellowship (Hon FAIA) in 2006 and she has been also awarded “Leonardo da Vinci Medal” by SEFI (Société Européenne Pour la Formation Ingénieurs-European Society for Engineering Education) in 2005-2006. She is a member of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters since 2011. She is the President of European Women Rectors Association (EWORA).