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The RSU Library accepts non-cash payments only. Bank details here. Send payment document for the overdue fine to bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv!


  • Consultations and reference services (by phone; by e-mail; on the spot);
  • Borrowing of information resources;
  • Request and extension of loans of borrowed information resources;
  • Inter-Library Loan service -  materials, which are not held in the RSU Library can be requested via inter-library loan and document delivery centres. Loan periods and other rules connected with interlibrary loans are decided by the lending library. The information source can be ordered electronically from the Library home page, or order-forms can be picked up at the Information Centre (at the Registration Desk), phone – 67409193 or e-mail: sbaatrsu[pnkts]lv;
  • Use of the reading rooms;
  • Computers and the Internet;
  • The SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) program is available on computers in the Library Information Center (Dzirciema Street 16) and in Branch Library at RSU Medical Education Technology Centre (Anniņmuižas Blvd 26a);
  • Use of the electronic catalog and local databases;
  • Use of subscribed e-resources;
  • Overnight loan - take-home loan (multiple copies of information sources which are available in the Reading Room overnight or for use over the weekend at home (Overnight Loan). These information sources may be borrowed during the last half hour before library closing time and they should be returned back on the next day within the first half an hour of the Reading Room opening hours.

Paid services:

  • Binding and laminating;
  • Copying, printing and scanning - copying, black and white, and colour printout, scanning of text or image with multi-function devices (MFD) in self-service mode (view guide below);
  • International Inter-Library Loan service;
  • Ordering of Unified reader’s card;
  • Thematical request - differentiated information service according to thematical requests; charges according to the list of Library charges and fines (view below). Thematical request can be submitted here. If you cannot access the RSU request system, you can fill in and send in the Thematical request form via e-mail. Contact information: Natalija[pnkts]Kislakovaatrsu[pnkts]lv, phone: +37167062645 ; RSU Library Information Center for Latvian Health Care Professionals (J.Asara str. 5) - Zaneta[pnkts]Brazdziuteatrsu[pnkts]lv, phone: +37167270790;
  • Systematic review - assistance of library specialists in developing a systematic review: consultation in the creating of a systematic review, development of search strategies (Protocol Methods section), research search a.o. services according to the list of Library charges and fines (view below). Systematic review request can be submitted here. Before submitting, please contact Inga Znotiņa about the availability of this service. Contact information: Inga[pnkts]Znotinaatrsu[pnkts]lv, phone +37167062664;
  • RSU bank details for paid services.

Library collection acquisition

Riga Stradiņš University Library users have a possibility to recommend the purchasing of necessary books for the Library collection (or recommend book supplemental copies). All proposals will be evaluated by the Library Collection Board. 
Suggestions on book acquisition can be sent by e-mail: Ilze[pnkts]Vitolaatrsu[pnkts]lv
As well as the Library’s self-service reading rooms in the central building and branches have boxes with special forms where students can suggest the necessary book.
Textbooks are purchased at the request of academic staff. Students should inform the study course leader about the lack of book.
For questions contact: Ilze[pnkts]Vitolaatrsu[pnkts]lv or bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv