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The Bruno book reader is available in the RSU Library Open Access Loan area (Room 101, Block G)

Bruno is an electronic reading device that can read printed materials and publications out loud. It is also possible to save study materials in audio format which enables users with visual impairments, developmental language disorders or dyslexia to be able to listen to printed materials. The BrunoMaster software converts any type of text (including print) into audio and reads the text out loud to the user. It also allows users to see the scanned text magnified and to follow along with the audio. It is possible to export audio files to external devices such as MP3 players, USB flash drives and Android-based smartphones. BunoMaster scans and plays texts in several languages (Latvian, Russian, English, German) and different voices.


The library has a lift that gives access to all levels of the library.


In order to make all RSU premises accessible for students and other visitors with disabilities, there is a lift in the RSU library in the main building at 16 Dzirciema iela. The lift gives convenient and fast access to the free access subscription and reading rooms. Information resources from the reading room on the second floor can also be used in the free access subscription on the first floor.