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Philanthropist Boris Teterev’s targeted grant for modernising RSU study programmes is intended for academic staff at healthcare study programmes.

The grant was established with the support of the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation when a statement of intent was signed on 30 September 2014. The purpose of the targeted grant is to promote the development of new innovative study courses at RSU as well as improve existing study courses by integrating appropriate methodological solutions.

Activities under the targeted grant can be implemented in two ways:

  • For new or experienced lecturers individually;

  • For new lecturers in cooperation with a mentor.

Both new lecturers and experienced mentors and lecturers receive funding and work closely together to develop the materials that are necessary for a specific study course. Both participants are equally responsible for the process and the quality of the results and are obliged to report to the administrators of the targeted grant if non-compliance with the specified requirements is established in the process. Three months are dedicated to content development and one month to uploading the developed materials to the RSU e-studies platform. The study course developed under the targeted grant is to be implemented only within RSU study programmes.

The amount of the target grant for the lecturer’s individual activity is EUR 650/month, which amounts to a total of EUR 2,600. The amount of the grant for the collaboration between the new lecturer and the mentor is EUR 400/month for both the new lecturer and the mentor separately, which amounts to a total of EUR 3,200. The grant is paid in a lump sum with no advance payments only after the result is uploaded to RSU e-studies and the final decision of the grant committee is made.

Information on applying for the grant will follow!

Please read the regulations for information on the requirements and documents to be submitted carefully. All documents must be submitted electronically!

  • Completed application form V1 or V2 (including aims, objectives, specific activities);
  • Europass CV with a list of publications from the last three years;
  • Reference from an industry expert on the activities foreseen in the applicant’s individual plan (free form);
  • The written approval of the head of the course or programme is preferable in order to apply for this scholarship;
  • Summary of student survey data (for experienced lecturers/mentors);
  • Other documents that may help the committee assess the application (at applicant’s discretion).

Please send application documents and questions to merkstipendijas[pnkts]rsuaaatrsu[pnkts]lv


Regulations (149.86 KB)