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Establishment of uniform national level Latvian academic network to ensure research activities

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
340 073.00 EUR
Project manager
Project realization
01.01.2010. - 15.12.2015.


The aim of the project is to develop a next generation data transfer network to ensure research and improve the information systems in the state scientific institutions and higher educational establishments


The project is implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with scientific institutions of Latvia – project cooperation partners. Riga Stradiņš University participates in the implementation of the project as a project cooperation partner

Project activities

  • Ensuring efficiency and development of scientific ICT (information and communication technology), within which establishment of national level Latvian academic network will be carried out, establishment and equipment of shared data centre, establishment and modernisation of uniform access to foreign academic networks and scientific libraries
  • Development of competitiveness in science and research, which involves acquisition of technological means for modernisation of project partners’ research infrastructure
  • Modernisation of science, research and study process governance and administration by establishing a National scientific activity information system