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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector in Rīga Stradiņš University

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
79 300.00 EUR, including 55 500.00 EUR CCFI and 23 800.00 EUR RSU funding
Project manager
Mārtiņš Menniks
Project realization
20.06.2014. - 19.12.2014.


The aim of the project is to purchase three new, industrially manufactured M1 electric cars with the mileage between full charging times according to for the test driving cycle of mopeds, motor vehicles, their trailers and components in the compliance assessment area of at least 100 kilometres, the maximum possible speed of electric cars is at least 90 kilometres per hour
Reduce gas emissions in the transport sector by introducing more environmentally friendly vehicles for the needs of Rīga Stradiņš University


The project implementation contributes to reduction of GHG emissions, which is important for such densely populated areas like Riga. Moreover, it should be emphasised that RSU, considering its development pace and its efforts to improve sustainability of education and of the entire university infrastructure, has set the objective to introduce "green thinking" at all academic and administrative levels of the university, therefore, to successfully implement the objectives of RSU development, it has been decided to purchase the necessary new electric vehicles for the university, thus promoting reduction of GHG emissions and involving the university in raising public awareness

The planned mileage of one electric vehicle purchased within the scope of this project will be 89,880 km per year