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About Study Course

Credit points / ECTS:2 / 3
Course supervisor:Olafs Brūvers
Study type:Part time, Full time
Course level:Bachelor
Target audience:Nursing Science
Branch of science:Philosophy; Ethics


In the Philosophy section: giving students a systematic picture and basic knowledge of the historical development of philosophical thought in the world and in Latvia; developing independent thinking skills and ability for students to gain their confidence in the ongoing processes in society and in the world as a whole; to be aware and understand their place as an individual in it; to present students with key philosophic categories, concepts and theories in the historical process, and with portraits of the most prominent philosophers of the past and present;
In the Medical ethics section: to provide students with basic knowledge and understanding of the place and role of ethics and morality in society; their historical development in the world and in Latvia, and their role in the development and growth of personality; to present the beginnings of the ethics of Medicine to our day's modern scientific and technological discoveries and their challenges in the field of medical ethics; to provide students with adequate and deep knowledge of the conditions and role of medical ethics in health care; patient and medical staff of health-care relations, responsibilities, rights and possible conflict solutions; to provide understanding of the mandatory observance of the rules and principles of medical ethics and their promotion.


Not required.

Learning outcomes


As a result of study course acquisition, students will gain basic knowledge about the specificity of philosophical thought in the different historical epocha; will know to identify and name the most important representatives, their ideas and contribution in the world; students will learn the most important aspects, directions and scope of various ethics; name and describe the main principles, values, conditions and rules of medical ethics; will gain knowledge of medical research various issues and patient care; patients' rights and their relationship with the treating staff; will know how to apply medical ethics in their professional work, and recognize, evaluate and point to medical ethics dilemmas and their solutions.


Students will have skills and be able to choose the most appropriate philosophical lessons in the solutions of certain problems; will be able to apply their knowledge of philosophical thought to practical situations; will be skilled to discover, see and analyze general ethics, but in particular the various issues of medical ethics and morality in their professional work; skilled to see and address the various challenges, dilemmas, their causes; take the necessary steps to prevent potential medical ethics violations in their working environment and surroundings; act in most professionally way in various situations in health care; will be able to demonstrate in practice the high standards of their personal professionalism applying medical ethics and morality.


Students will be competent and able to formulate what philosophical lessons in certain circumstances are the most appropriate and effective for solutions of certain problems; as a result of studies, students will be able to address the society's socio-political challenges with a high level of competence; with acquired knowledge and skills, students will be competent to demonstrate their professionalism and their moral and ethical behavior in the field of medical ethics, its application in the relevant working environment based on ethical values, principles and rules; with their personal example students will improve the competence and professionalism of the work environment they will be in, especially in respect of medical ethics; students acquired competence will greatly contribute to the high level of professional and ethical health care in their further professional tasks.

Study course planning

Planning period:Year 2021, Autumn semester
Study programmeStudy semesterProgram levelStudy course categoryLecturersSchedule
Physiotherapy, RFFN7Bachelor’sRequired
Nursing Studies, MZF1Bachelor’sRequired
Nursing Studies, LFMZFb1Bachelor’sRequired
Midwifery, MZFVb1Bachelor’sRequired