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ID cards


In order to prepare a study course in e-studies for invited academic staff, it is necessary to grant access accordingly. On the basis of the blank IT-8, to establish access for the invited academic staff in order to establish the course content in timely (according to the request of invited speaker).

Access rights are guaranteed:

  • Portal for all RSU employees containing actual information -RSU Intranet;
  • Portal for academic staff -; 
  • Timetable; 
  • Study course descriptions; 
  • Room reservation; 
  • E-studies; 
  • RSU Wi-Fi.

If necessary, on a separate request following may be granted:

  • RSU e-mail;
  • print card;
  • personal/department file storage.

The request for access to the IT Service Centre (itatrsu[pnkts]lv) shall be written by the Head of Department or the Head of the Study Program. If the invited Academic staff has any question about any of the requested systems, please contact the RSU IT Service Centre by approaching to itatrsu[pnkts]lv or over phone 67061515.