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As the remote learning and work process continues, the RSU also widens the range of IT tools to be used, making the remote learning process as efficient as possible. Try Microsoft Teams Live! This is an extension of Microsoft Meetings with additional capabilities, useful for conferences and events where you need to reach more than 300 members or create panel discussions.

How many participants can join?

Up to 10 thousand participants, however in Zoom up to 300 participants can participate.

What do I have to do if I want to create an Teams Live event using Microsoft Teams? 

All you need is:

  • RSU credentials
  • Microsoft Teams app on your computer.

For how to install Microsoft Teams on your computer, read here.

How do I create Microsoft Teams live event? 

in order to create, open MS Teams and from the panel on the left choose Calendar.



In the upper-right corner of the Calendar, click on icon which is next to +New meeting and choose Live event.


Then fill in all the required fields.

!Pay attention to the time zone you set up (Latvia is in the +02: 00 zone)

If you want other event managers with the right to share your screen and talk, then start typing the employee's name/surname in the Invite presenters window.

  • By creating an Teams Live event and inviting participants with the right to share your screen, you can also chat before the event.  

It should be noted that added conference presenters who will not share their screen should also be added in this step to enable the microphone. Example, panel discussion.


In the next step choose Org-wide or People and Groups.

  • Org-wide - means that anyone with RSU credentials can connect as a viewer, while
  • People and Groups are dedicated to workshops where only the selected users can participate.

We recommend choosing Org-wide.


In addition check the “Q & A” box. Please kindly take into account that record can only be made by producers and presenters.



Then a window appears from which you can get a link to be sent out to the webinar members. When you click on Get attendee link, a purple field Copied to clipbaord will appear, which means that you must copy the link using ctrl + v key combination (or right-click and Paste) to the desired location.  



How can I download the Teams Live event Recording, Q&A Report and the Attendee Engagement Report?

In order to download the Teams Live event Recording, Q&A Report and the Attendee Engagement Report, go to MS Teams Calendar





When Calendar opens, find the Teams Live event for which you want to retrieve the data and make double click.





If you make a double click on a calendar event, then the details of Live event will open. While this window is open, you will be able to download Teams Live event Recording, Q&A Report and the Attendee Engagement Report by clicking the icon covered by the yellow frame.



Once clicked on icon, the report starts downloading to your computer. By default, the download files must be searched in a folder named “Downloads” (Unless you have not changed location of Download files).

What else has to be taken into account?

  • When starting Teams Live event session, it should be noted that when you stop it, questions asked in the Q&A section will also be available when you search for event through using calendar (described also "How can I download the Teams Live event Recording, Q&A Report and the Attendee Engagement Report?"). Meeting Notes also will be available. In addition, take into account that the audience of the webinar has ~10-20 second lag.
  • Producers are the ones who stream a public event and choose to share it with
  • Participants do not have the ability to talk or share their screen and/or camera during an Teams Live event

Where can I find out more information? 

For more information, follow the training schedule is available.