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The aim of the Department of Physics is to be a modern, student- and employee-friendly centre of education and science working in the fields of applied medical physics and medical technologies, whose activities should be recognisable both in Latvia and abroad.

Academic and scientific activities

  • The Applied Medical Physics course according to RSU accredited curricula
  • Scientific and research activities:
    • use of models, dummies, simulators;
    • measurement and sensor laboratory;
    • robotics project group;
    • developing physics teaching methods for non-physicists;
    • data processing, research methodology;
    • Mathematics and Physics Support Centre;
    • studies of human bones using atomic force microscopy methods;
    • magnetic materials for medicine transport;
    • mathematical modelling of blood circulation;
    • testing compact therapeutic accelerators in patients;
    • synthesis experiments on the interaction of peptides with various isotopes.


  • Department of Clinical Skills and Medical Technologies
  • Department of Radiology (Biomedical Imaging)
  • Nuclear Medicine Centre (RSU NMC)
  • Scientific Laboratory of Radiology
  • Laboratory of Biomechanics
  • Joint Laboratory of Electron Microscopy
  • Department of Optometrics
  • Academy of Young Medical Students
  • Rīga Technical University
  • University of Latvia (Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Solid State Physics, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis)
  • The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

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