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Work experience



Latvia University of Agriculture

Econometric modelling​

2013 - Present


Medical faculty, Physics department

Leading lectures and classes in medical physics

Consulting students scientific ​research

2010 - 2012


Latvia University of Agriculture

Groundwater modelling

Geoinformatics and spatial analysis


2010 - 2011

Scientific assistant

University of Latvia


Experiment set-up

2009 - 2010


University of Latvia, Institute of Solid State Physics

Experiment set-up


2008 - 2009


RP SIA "Rīgas Satiksme"

Public transport time schedule organisation​

2006 - 2006


SIA "Optika Metropole"

Vision correction​

2005 - 2008

Electrical engineer

RP SIA "Rīgas Satiksme"

Power sub-station upkeeping

Education and training

2014 - Present

PhD studies in Environmental Engineering

Latvia University of Agriculture

Promotion work "Groundwater quality assesment and modelling"

2009 - 2011

Master degree in Geography

University of Latvia


Spatial analysis


2006 - 2008

Master degree in vision science (optometry)

University of Latvia

Programming and modelling

Medical Physics

2002 - 2006

Bachelor degree in vision sciences (optometry)

University of Latvia

Medical Physics

Vision correction


Lectured study course

Medical Physics



Research articles​​


Long-term forecasting of GHG emissions in the agricultural sector of Latvia / P.Rivža, L.Bērziņa, I.Mozga, D.Lauva // Proceedings of the 25th NJF (Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists) Congress "Nordic view to sustainable rural development" (Riga, Latvia, June 16-18, 2015). - Riga : NJF Latvia, 2015. - P.281-286. - Pieejams arī tiešsaistē:…


M. Ozolinsh, D. Lauva, „Summation of retinal after-effects and cortial mechanisms in contrast adaptation." In: Proc"Applied Vision Association Annual Meeting 2007". J.of Perception, Vol. 36, pp.1399 – 1410. (2007).​​



D. Lauva, M. Ozolinsh, "Neural interaction of retinal aftereffects and contrast adaptation in perception of gabor gratings", J.of Vision, Vol. 8(17), art.73. (2008)​​



M. Ozolinsh, I. Martin, D. Lauva, V. Karitans, "Howard–Dolman stereovision test at different opponent colour stimuli", Journal of Modern Optics, (2011)​​



M.Ozolinsh, D.Lauva, O.Danilenko, "Vision science and psychology approach to adaptation processes". Eur.Scie.Journ., Vol.9(SE2), p.977-981 (2013)​​



D.Lauva, I.Grinfelde, A.Veinbergs, K.Abramenko, V.Vircavs, Z.Dimanta, I.Vitola, 2012, The Impact of Climate Change on the Annual Variation of Shallow Groundwater Levels in Latvia. Environmental and Climate Technologies. 8, 41-48​​



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Dean, Academic Staff
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Dean, Academic Staff
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Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Chair, Convent of Councillors
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Head of the Unit, Academic Staff, Chair of the Senate
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Dean, Director of Study Programme
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